School Council 2017-18

During the first few weeks of the autumn term School Council elections are held following the democratic process. Older pupils give a speech describing why they would be a good School Councillor and then everybody votes. There are two Councillors from each year group Y1-Y5 and three Y6 pupils are elected. This is a close contest as being a School Councillor and leader in school is a very popular role.


Congratulations to:

Y1 - Riley & Trudi,

Y2 - Ebony and Ethan (Kelsie from November)

Y3 - Felicity & Olivia

Y4 - McKenzie

Y5 - Jamie & Riley

Y6 - Lillie, Olivia & Reece.

I am very proud of you and look forward to working together to make our school a great place to be!