Willow Wood Buddies

We are introducing a buddy system here at Willow Wood Primary School this term so look out for some super photos being added by class teachers to this page.

Why introduce a buddy system?

Older children learn to take on responsibility, while the younger children know that they have a fellow student they can confidently turn to for support.

Buddy systems help to promote friendship and support between older and younger pupils through: 

  • regular collaboration between their classes,
  • creating a sense of whole-school community. 
  • creating friendships that enable both older and younger buddies to bond more closely with their school

Year groups have been paired up this half term and will be getting together to allow the children to meet their buddy. They will take part in different activities e.g. reading to their buddy or a speaking and listening activity. 

Reception with Year 3

Year 1 with Year 4

Year 2 with Year 5

Year 6 are going to focus on being playground buddies across both sites.

We want the buddy system to become a really positive experience for our children to support their emotional well - being also with the children meeting regularly.