Mystery Reader Week 1

Date: 30th Sep 2019 @ 3:12pm

In Seedlings we are going to be having a mystery reader each week.

The mystery reader will be a surprise to the the children.

We would love it if any of our parents would like to come in and be our mystery reader and read a story of thier choosing to the children.

If you would like to be our mystery reader please speak to Mrs Smith or Mrs Ridgway.


Our first mystery reader was........... Mr Bell, our Head Teacher.

He read a story to us called 'Fire Engine is flashing' by Mandy Archer.

We loved the story about the fire engine and the fact that  firefighter fox saved a lady from a fire and put it out with the water from the hose.

We then sang 5 little fireman to Mr Bell and showed him the makaton signs that go with the song.


Thank you Mr Bell for coming in and reading a story to us!

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