Community links

Willow Wood is a community school with links to the local and wider community. The school plays an active part in community life and is a member of the Winsford Education Partnership. The partnership works in collaboration with schools in the area to provide opportunities for enhancement and innovation to learning and creating opportunities for our children.



Winsford Education Partnership 

~ WEP ~ 

Winsford Education Partnership referred to as 'WEP' is a well-respected, aspirational, forward thinking and inclusive partnership of thirteen schools that work collaboratively to enhance the learning, wellbeing and opportunities for our children and families who form our Winsford Community. WEP celebrates the wealth of talent and intelligence of our children through the provision of innovative experiences through strategic planning and shared vision. Schools work creatively together, responsive to the needs of our community, to promote lifelong learning through aspirational activities and experiences. Staff across the schools collaborate, support, alongside sharing good practice and expertise in order to provide the very best for our young people. 

All thirteen schools within our town of Winsford are represented from Secondary to Primary, special to mainstream. 

Darnhall Primary School 

Grange Community Nursery & Primary School 

Hebden Green Community School  

Oaklands School  

Oak View Academy 

Over Hall Community School 

Over St Johns Church of England Primary School 

St Chads Church of England Primary & Nursery School 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 

Wharton Church of England Primary School 

Willow Wood Community Primary School 

Winsford Academy - Secondary 

Winsford High Street Community Primary School 


Our pledge is to collaboratively improve outcomes and promote a positive capital culture through: 

  • Strong, timely communication 

  • Honesty 

  • Transparency 

  • Trust 

  • Support 

  • Commitment 

Our non-hierarchical group of professionals are dedicated to provide opportunities for success and even change lives. 

Opportunities and experiences provided by WEP 

  • Pupil Forum - half termly meetings providing children with a voice to inform change within their town 

  •  Christmas Cantata - a magical annual event for children to join and perform  

  •  WEP Junior Choir -  

  • WEP & Friends Adult Choir - 


At Willow Wood community links are valued and we organise a number of activities that enrich the lives of our pupils and the local community. Our aim is to provide children with opportunities to take part in activities and projects that fully utilise their talents and give them a strong sense of community and belonging with personal responsibility.

Our Links with the community include:

  • Harvest Festival –  each year we hold Harvest celebrations in which donated food is taken by the children to the local old people's home.
  • Visits from the local community police officers with regular talks to the children about stranger danger, road safety, fire safety and internet safety with older children.
  • Links with Wharton Christ Church - are regular visitors to the school, leading assemblies. 
  • Summer Play Scheme – the school hosted a four week summer scheme for primary aged children
  • Family Support worker – who works with school and families providing advice and support.
  • Wharton Library – The school hosted the children’s library whilst the brand new lottery funded community library was being built and continues to work closely with the school. We have regular class visits to the library to make use of the new facilities.
  • Community Singing – senior members of the community are invited into school to sing some traditional Christmas carols at Christmas
  • Craft Afternoons – several times during the year children can invite family members into school for a craft afternoon where everyone is welcome.