At Willow Wood Community Primary School we want all our children to feel safe and secure so that they can grow, thrive and achieve their best.


We believe that keeping children safe is the responsibility of everybody.


We teach the children that we are a ‘Listening School’ and that we will always listen carefully to them. We regularly ask our children if they feel safe at school and receive a resounding yes and work together on any areas for improvement.


We also teach the children that we are a ‘Telling School’. Bullies rely on people standing by and keeping quiet, we encourage our children to tell a trusted adult so that we can work together to keep everyone safe. We deliver key messages through our SCARF (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum.


If you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of a child in our school please talk to one of our Safeguarding Leads.


Mr Bell, Headteacher

Mrs Grigg, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ullein, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Nelson, Family Worker

Mrs Atkinson, SENCO

Thank you.

Mrs Jan Kay is our Safeguarding Governor.

All staff members receive appropriate Safeguarding training on a regular basis. This training is delivered by our Family Worker, so it is part of all staff members induction and tailored to our school.


Mr Bell delivers the PREVENT training to all staff members. This ensures that we extend a duty of care to all pupils to prevent them being drawn into extremist behaviour and is part of our safeguarding remit.


For further information please see:

which is a very useful website for parents and teachers.


Please see the school’s safeguarding policy for further information or ask any of our Safeguarding Leads – remember we are here to help!

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