We love Reading!

At Willow Wood we are passionate about reading as we believe it is the key to learning. Reading is also a pleasure which can take you to places you would never go and to meet a hoard of remarkable characters you would never meet in real life. Reading also gives you access to a world of information and fascinating facts.

We want our children to become readers for life!

We teach children phonics (the sounds that letters make) using the 'Little Wandle' scheme. Phonics teaching is daily, active, fun and delivered by experienced staff.

We read throughout the school day as well as in dedicated teaching times such as guided reading sessions. When your child first comes to school we use our phonics programme (Little Wandle) from the outset, to get their reading off to a good start. We expect parents to be partners and to read with their child on a daily basis.

Each classroom has a bright and attractive reading area stocked with high-quality children's texts. We use a variety of reading schemes (mainly Big Cat)  to support your child's reading development.

Remember - 'Reading is Fun!'. Please do not hesitate to ask your child's teacher for any further guidance and support around your child learning to read. If any parent has literacy difficulties themselves please let us know so that we can work together.

Reading is a pleasure for life - let's enjoy the journey!