Cluster Competitions

As part of our competition program all children are given the opportunity to participate in cluster competitions and festivals across Winsford. Some of our clubs are planned and run in accordance with the competition that is coming up and then children are picked to participate from this. We believe in taking a confident team to these events, but most importantly we want children to enjoy the experience and work to the best of their ability. We take great pride in sending our children to these events as we believe it encourages children to put their learning into practise, develop their skills and become better sports persons. It also allows children to practise their sportsmanship. 

We want them to succeed and excel in competitive sport and physical activities. We also offer all children chances to compete in sport and other activities within our school.  For example, if children are learning cricket that half term, at the end of the unit children will compete against their peers either within their class or across their year group.  This helps them build character and learn values such as fairness and respect. Through PE, we develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. They build confidence and competence in a range of activities.